Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday Frobocop, today, the bionic woman

So yea, now the class is convinced that I'm the bionic woman or something.

It's all because of a couple stupid things that are really just my life. The first being that I learn things REALLY quick. I may ask for a fair bit of confirmation, but I get it super quick. The second, is my insane memory. I remember just about everything.

Yesterday, we were doing logins, and I was helping someone set theirs up. This one, needed a 6-digit pin number. I rattled it off like it was nothing, and he didn't believe I had it right. So I confirmed it with the trainer.

Once he admitted I was right, they started in with a discussion about how I really was Frobo-Robo, because no normal human should be able to remember and apply the random shit that I seem to be able to flawlessly.

The trainer and I joked that it's because we're members of the Fro-Sisterhood and the curl allows us to just remember these things.

So yea, Shana-Marie, the bionic Woman!

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eva said...

that's amazing! i wish i had a bionic brain, i guess tangled hair doesn't hold as much info as curly hair?? .. i have major attention difficulties. my memory is so bad, i don't even remember my own phone number :s