Sunday, December 7, 2008

Went shopping today....

I must say that I HATE shopping.

Well... no, I don't hate shopping. I love shopping.

I HATE people.

So, shopping is just not fun during the holidays because of all the people.

anyhow, my MIL wanted me to pick out my presents so I'll be totally happy with them on Christmas, or whenever we end up celebrate this holiday. She's.... well, lets just say she's made some purchases in the past that were questionable.

Last year, there was the shirt that when I put it on, my husband immediately referred to it was resembling a table cloth.

Anyhow, today was about shopping for me.

So... I hate spending money on myself. It's just ass. If it costs more than 10bucks, I don't want to buy it. AND I hate it when I'm asking other people to spend money on me. So, I'm totally not rocking out on the shopping today.

But I picked stuff, and it'll be wrapped pretty like under the tree....

the best part... I picked out some pants that were size 8.

that's right bitches... size EIGHT.

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