Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tell me this...

why do I keep opening my big fat mouth?

See... I'm a curly girly. It's taken me several dozen years to come to term with this fact.

Basically, in school, I got made fun of for my hair a lot.

I hadn't learned the simple truth that for my hair, less is more when it comes to hair brushing. Basically... like the infomercials say, I should set it and forget it.

Anyhow, the most creative name that I got during this time was... wait for it....

fro-bo cop.

Really, it is very creative, and I have to give the kids that. But it took me many years to 'get over it' so to speak. And even now... the wrong comment at the wrong time about my hair, is enough to set me off sometimes.

So yesterday, we're chatting at lunch, and I drop that one on the table. And just like every other time I've told anyone that one... well, I've been branded all over again. I am Fro-Bo cop.

My trainer though, she's got curls too. Her nicname used to be Chia pet. Kids suck, but you know what, we've decided that we're a crime fighting duo. Fro-bo Cop and Chia Pet, taking criminals down Charlies Angles style!

1 comment:

eva said...

i love curly hair, i think hair is the greatest with lots of volume!!
my boyfriend has curly hair but keeps shaving his head, i'm trying to convince him to let it grow. kids make fun of each other for the silliest reasons. i fucking hate bullies & bullying.