Wednesday, December 31, 2008


What a week.

Christmas is a huge task in this household, and this year, I had to work though it.

It starts off on Christmas Eve... I'm at work until 10 when the hubs gets me. We get home, and he's all excited. Every year it's like this. Hubbyman gets all excited, and can't sleep, and when he does, his body is still trembling in anticipation. I can't get much sleep because of it. Have you ever tried to sleep beside a man sized vibrator?

I was going to give a blow by blow of my Xmas week from here, but I decided I just didn't want to. We had a total of 5 Christmas celebrations all crammed into Xmas day, boxing day, and last Sunday. We also managed to hit up Disney on ice on the Saturday. AND I worked the Xmas eve and boxing day to boot.

I got clothes, which was the awesome. I needed clothes. I also got money to buy more clothes, since my entire wardrobe needed replacing. I got this incredibly hot new leather jacket, though I haven't gotten a picture in it, I'll do that soon.

If I can get a hold of someone at the salon I plan to go to, I'll be getting my hair done soon too. I figure it this way... I've got the basics... nice pants (they're really cool) some plain shirts and a couple sweaters. Now I need to step it up, and personalize my wardrobe. I figure I'll do that by heading up to TO one week/end and see what I can do. I may take the bus up and bring my mom... or go with the hubs. I need a shopping partner, and that's the bottom line. I'd prefer my mom to my husband any day.

Oh, and hubby man finally decided that Slush bucket wasn't a terrible name for miss kitten. So that's her name. She's my slushy cat, and I loves her.

so yea, that's Xmas for me.... how was yours?

Interview to follow.

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eva said...

aww slush bucket is the super cutest kitten ever! and your man's reaction to christmas made me smile, he he, it's funny how he gets so excited about it!!