Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Gifting...

So, I'm terrible at gifting.

Well, not terrible, but I always want to get a gift that speaks to the individual that I'm getting it for. Something that's special to them, something that's going to be used somehow. Basically, something that's not going to sit in a box, or drawer collecting dust.

Normally I personalize my gifts. I'll take a photo, edit it, frame it and wrap it, viola! Instant gift! It takes a lot of hard work and effort, but it normally pays off. This year though, since we didn't really do anything with the hubs' mom, I can't do this for her... so we're a little stuck on what to get her.

So, with this thought, I turn to personalized holiday gifts. My thought, if I can't personalize it, perhaps I can get it personalized.

Then I look at the selection, and I remember who I'm buying for, and realize... no, these are definitely not the gifts to get for her. Perhaps I'll get a teddy bear with her name on it, or a locket. What mom doesn't want a locket?

Anyhow, I'm back to the drawing board with this one, but perhaps you'll find some use in personalized gifts for your loved ones.



Anonymous said...

the gifting scheme is such amazing.

Anonymous said...

well gifting is such a nice stuff. I just love it.