Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Tarotscope for January...

As seen by The lovely Arwen...

My card this time around....

The SUN (World spirit tarot)

I took point form notes this time around, just so I could kind of see how well my month shapes up as far as this goes. It sounds like a good month for me.

  • Great month, joyful celebration, family times, good health, bright things.
  • Buddha on a lotus. enlightenment.
  • Come into myself. Take a spiritual trip.

I recommend taking a trip over to Arwen's blog and giving her Tarotscopes a listen. Not only do I love her accent, but as long as I've been listening to them, they've been pretty accurate. I also got a Reading done by her too, which nailed me pretty well dead on.

Anyhow, go check her out, and while you're at it, get a reading from her if she can. She's bundled a few readings together for a discount, and trust me, the proceeds are going to a VERY good cause. I know if I had the cash I'd be taking advantage of it.

And Princess... I promise that my next post will be the interview!

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