Thursday, December 18, 2008

mah other blog

I posted this to my other blog... well, this part of it at least. And I do try to not post the same things multiple times, this was a story that I just couldn't resist sharing... even though about half my readership reads both blogs. Ya'll can suck it up.

Last Summer The little man started in on the 'i want bongos' Bart and Lisa style (re. splash mountain) and because we were broke, and didn't have the budget for it (and didn't want to feed the greed) I stood firm, and broke his heart by saying no.

Now, we haven't talked about bongos since then. Not a word has been mentioned. But I am mom, aka frobocop, aka the bionic woman, so I've had it in my head since August that his big present was going to be bongos.

Saturday, we bought them. We even found a pair in blue, his fav. colour. So gleeful, and it was great, because he hadn't mentioned them since August.

So, we get them in the trunk, we're driving around, and suddenly he starts to cry. Like all out wailing. Granted he was tired, but he was suddenly remembering that he wanted bongos for Christmas and that he hadn't asked Santa for them.

Me, being me, the sadistic bitch I am, start in on him about where this bongo thing came from, and why hadn't he mentioned it before... all the while The hubs is choking in laughter and trying to drive. We end up deciding that we are going to take him to see Santa on Sunday and see if maybe he gets the note to Santa ASAP that he can get his bongos.

things like these make me feel like I'm made of WIN!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

eva said...

he he he, that is well funny, if i had a kid i would totally mess about with them like that! oh wait, i don't have a memory.. i would have to make things up instead;) my grandfather used to make me believe in the strangest stuff. i thought he had a gnome friend in the forest, and i helped him pick chocolates from his chocolate-tree, thinking they'd grow back the next day.. he he i miss the magic!

Princess of the Universe said...

Honey, is your email address:
That's where I sent interview questions- let me know if I should send them elsewhere!

Shana-Marie said...

close... or, but I check my gmail compulsively