Wednesday, December 24, 2008

interim update - Analyze THIS

So... I'm in the middle of doing the interview that I got from the lovely Princess but I'm not yet done it.

So, why am I posting another blog that's unrelated to the interview?

Well, I'll tell you it's because today I can't slack and FTD until I have to leave. I have tasks to complete. TASKS!

I need to shower/dress/do make up. I have to straighten my hair, because I'd rather not deal with doing anything to it tomorrow. I need to wrap presents because while the hubs was wrapping last night, I sort of slept on the couch.

And, I only have 2 hours to do this.

So I'll give you something to think about while I'm busy not procrastinating.

I had a dream last night.

It was a Zombie dream.

I have a lot of Zombie dreams to be honest, and I just don't understand them. So Dream Analysts, step forward please, and tell me what this all means.

In the dream, I was at my mother's house (featured in that image above) and I was with her and various other random people. We were hiding out from the zombies.

There were two dead zombie corpses on the front lawn, they appeared to be burnt out.

Inside, we were just trying to hold the door. A couple of guys tried to get in the house, but because I was holding the door shut thinking they were zombies, I didn't let them in. They ended up leaving their stuff at our door. When I opened it I brought it in.

Then stepping out on the front porch, I saw children running from the school. they all seemed to have places to go, and it was dusk so we had to move fast. The neighbour (whom also resembled the owner of a local coffee shop) was also outside. We spoke for a moment about his friends, the fellas who'd been at my door, and then we went back inside as the zombie brigade was going to descend soon.

So, we get inside, and hold the door. The light is on in the hall, and I can't get it shut off. So I smash it, but not before a zombie comes to the door and tries to force its way in. I manage to hold the door and my mother gets the people who'd been on the back porch inside and holding that door.

I over hear zombies talking to one another and a girl zombie is talking about how her zombie boyfriend wants to get her pregnant.

then I woke up.

It was all so very surreal, but then, my messed up zombie dreams often are.

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