Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got a Wish?

got a wish?

I know I do. I have lots of wishes. Tis the season for wishes, isn't it?

My biggest wish is to have more time with my family. And I know I'll get it, soon enough. I just need to be a little bit more patient. I've set a target for myself... in 6 months or less I will be off the phones. All I need to do is apply myself, and apply for jobs.

Yea, and work on my interviewing techniques, but yea, I'm on my way again already.

But yea, the link.

You get to sit on Santa's virtual lap, so to speak, and tell him about your wish. And, Santa, he tells you about this cool digital photo frame, that has something like WIFI. You can share photos with it from phones and email and such, and I haven't seen another frame like it before. Uber with the cool.

It's a gadget, and I like gadgets.

umm... so yea.

I uploaded a picture of myself. It's basically what I think is the prettiest picture that was taken of me all year.

The video is pretty cute too, I made the hubs watch it.

The awesome thing though, is that there's a draw too. Every day one entry will be selected to win a cash prize of 500bucks. I could totally use 500bucks right now.


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