Friday, December 5, 2008

Frobo know it all....

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not trying to brag about myself at all here. I don't think I'm a genius. I don't think I'm all that smart really. I've barely got a normal IQ let alone high enough for me to consider myself brilliant.

What I don't have in smarts, I make up for in speed though. I'm a fast reader. and I pick up things lightning fast.

So, take me in this training class. I've done call center work before. I've been intimately involved in programs from Consular Services to Cable tech, to Telco support to fraking Insurance! There is VERY little in the call center industry that I haven't had, if not a hand, my pinky finger in. So, when it comes to learning a new program, I'm super quick. I expect this. By the end of any training class, my trainer expects this.

There's one thing I hate though.

Sounding like a know it all.

I really really hate that, because everyone hates the know it all. And it's true in the case of this class too. I can't help it. I really can't. The only thing I can do is just clam up and hope other people start answering.

Today we're doing review all day, all day, because that's all we've got left. We finished the curriculum a little early, and as such, the trainer's got only review left.

So we're playing a game. Sounds cool enough, but I'm dreading it. I don't want to play the game because I'll be expected to answer the questions because they all know it know it, but I don't want to answer ANYTHING at all. I don't need the review, but they do.

Ugh... I'm stuck behind a rock and a hard place. I either answer everything and piss everyone off, or I answer nothing and seem like I'm better than them. I can't see a happy medium anywhere.

*sigh* but since I'm walking, and have to go to the bank, I should get moving....

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eva said...

this blog entry reminded me about something i read lately about envy and how people tend to dislike successful people. it also said how some people had been accepted and included by their peers up till the point where they made success in whatever they did.. and then everyone started hating them. argghhh.. i wish people would get inspired, and not envious.