Friday, November 14, 2008

The little man

He hasn't been sleeping well lately.

The last time he had so many problems like this is when I was in the Philippines. Basically... It seems that when I'm not around for bedtime for an extended period of time, he loses sleep over it.

So, I've had to tuck him back into bed, and comfort him back to sleep several times these last two weeks. Normally, I'll stay with him about 5-10 minutes and he's back to sleep, and I go to bed.

Well.. last night, I was EXHAUSTED. As in, extremely exhausted. So, I crawl into his bed when he wakes up. I snuggle him, and promptly fall asleep. Next thing I know, the alarm clock is going off 2 rooms away, and I'm confused about not being in bed.

So, while I'm happy that my son slept well (for the first time in ages I think) I'm unhappy that my back is in agony, and I didn't get very good sleep myself.

Oh well, it's the last day of the week, and then I get to kick back and relax.

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