Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Le *sigh*

So, I had an interview today.

I suspected it was less than what I applied for, but went anyway. I put on my best game face, and totally wowed the crap out of the woman who interviewed me.

Like seriously... I think if she didn't have to follow policy and schedule a second interview, she would have hired me on the spot. I was Freaking AMAZING.

Though.. it was part time, giving me less than half the hours I currently get. It was minimum wage, paying me less than I'm currently paid. AND, there was no benefit plan involved, unless you're full time, and there are only 4 full time people at that location. Basically, the only upside to that job is me not wanting to slit my wrists on a daily basis. Because, currently I want to slit my wrists several times a day.

So yea... while I valued the practice at my new interviewing techniques, beyond that, it was a waste of time. And... going to the interview meant that I had to drop 15bucks on a cab to get to work on time.

Such a pain in my ass.

But then W at work gave me a ride home. It was snowing, and I appreciated the not having to shiver home and then try and warm up so I could get some sleep. Tomorrow though... shitfuckgoddamnit... well, tomorrow's forecast seems to be calling for snow/rain. I don't think I'm up for riding in that.... Walking though... means I'm out in it longer... but I can keep myself drier....

ugh... I'll make that decision tomorrow I guess.

In other news... It seems that the Wii Fit and I are getting along. The mother-fucker hasn't ripped into me about putting on more than a pound at a time in a while. But then, I barely eat these days, so if I was gaining weight, there'd be something wrong.

Now, before anyone's all "shana's starving herself" let me explain. I get up, and get moving by around 10-11am. The earlier I get up, the more likely I am to cram 2 meals into me before I go to work. This isn't often.

So, I'll grab a yogurt, and I'll munch on that upon waking. Then, depending on how much time I have, I'll have a bowl of soup, omelet, or something light and lunch like.

Then comes dinner... about once a week or so, I'll order something from the restaurant there. Like a wrap, or a chicken burger. Something kind of small. Normally though, I'll have a bagel, or a croissant, and some kind of fruit. Our 'dinner' break isn't until 8, and I don't like eating anything heavy that late at night.

So, it's just a matter of timing, and retraining my body about when it gets to eat now.
umm... and with that, I should think about going to bed. The whole I'm city bound tomorrow, as the child needs to go to the dentist again. I'm telling you, I'll be GIDDY when all this is done. The damned 2hr trek it takes to get back to Welland, is BALLS!!!

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