Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I should be in bed...

... and I"m tired enough to sleep, but the hubs and I have had a tiff or two, and I'd rather cool down before I try and settle into sleep.

Anyhow, first, my hair is feeling fantastic. I forgot how great it feels to have it straight like this. I washed and straightened my hair last Thursday, and haven't done much more than brush it since then. It's FANTASTIC. I hope to have an avocado by the next time I'm ready to shampoo. then, it'll be fabulous when I"m done.

Today, we took the child to the dentist. See... the hubs spent a lot of time demonising dentists, and telling the child how awful they were. So, while I had benefits, I could not get him to go. Granted, I was also working a lot, and didn't stress a lot about it. I've always had good teeth, and sort of assumed that I'd make good breeding stock.

I didn't account for the fact that the child's teeth were bad. not quite British bad, but pretty bad. Anyhow, he started to have pain, and we got him in today. They had to pull out two teeth. But they're baby teeth, and their replacements will be in before long.

The child, handled it fairly well.
The hubs, didn't. He was FREAKING out in the waiting room. I ended up handing him my DS and telling him to play until the child was ready to come out.

And then, the child came out, fine and happy. I bought him a little R2D2 for his trouble.

While on the subject of the child... I'll talk about the EPIC tattoo idea. I figured I could comment back at the fantabulous Eva (the link may not be work safe) or just attach it to this post, and that's what I decided to do.

A couple years back (2) the child decided to be a 'super kitty' for Halloween. It was actually his alter ego for a while. He'd become Coopy, the super kitty, and would fight crime. It was so much fun. And, it so very much captured him at that time, and I wanted to do something to memorialize it.

So, I took pictures of him in costume... but just getting a tattoo of a photo didn't seem to fit. Much like super kitty was, it had to be a little more cartooney, a little more fantasy, and a little less reality.

So yea.. that's the basic idea of it. I've got pictures for reference... but seriously, not looking for photo realism at all.

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