Saturday, November 15, 2008

how far do I take this...?

so... I haven't washed my hair at all since Thursday.

Meaning November 6th.

I've made it passed the itchy point. And while I know the oil is building up hardcore, it doesn't look as disgusting as it kind of feels. In fact, it looks amazing! It looks so very healthy and wonderful. It just feels gross.

So I've got two sides at war here, the side that says 'hair washing is evil, don't do it!' which I whole heartedly agree with, since most people in our society over wash their hair. The other side is saying 'you're not a dirty skid, just wash your hair already!' and I mean, it's feeling pretty gross.

So... here I wonder... do I wash it already?

I made sure I have an avocado in the house for when I'm ready to do so... I just haven't committed yet.

I'm sure I'll do it either today or tomorrow.

on another note... don't forget about my Christmas post

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