Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows

So, Yesterday was a long bloody day.

I got up with the menfolk in the morning, and set out for my mother's house. Once there, I loaded 2 large and 1 medium pumpkins, and several costumes into the house.

Then we got the little man into his clothes and had him roll around in the mud to make him a filthy zombie.

I had to take the jedi costume off the table. I wanted to do it right, and I couldn't without any money to get good fabric, so I'm going to start working on next year's costume, in January.

Anyhow, we didn't get him too bloody or gross for school, because it's school, and the teacher would kill me.

So, off to school the little man goes, and I stay at my mom's to gut/carve the pumpkins, put out spider webs, make more blood, lay out the graveyard, paint names on the headstones, mumify a stuffed cat, create a second zombie suit for the hubs, run extension cords, take a break to watch days, collate papers with my mom, hang more bats, spiders and webs, eat lunch/dinner, paint 4 faces, get everyone into costume and only AFTER all of that, go trick or treating.

The hubs and the boy were both zombies, my mom was the wicked witch, and I'm still not sure what I was. I wore a black and grey princess dress with black tights (the dress only went to my knees) with black wings, that ended up being covered by my long cloak. So... any ideas of what I could say I was?

The little man, brought a little friend (I was teasing him, as I always do, that she's his girlfriend) and him, her, my mom, the hubs and I went out trick or treating. Without going into a blow by blow, the kids ended up with two rather large bags of candy by the time we got to my moms house. That's when the GF went home.

We hit another two streets before we decided to pack it in ourselves, but he'd already gotten tonnes of candy by then, so no one was upset.

As for me, well, I should get ready to go out, since the hubs will be home within the hour, and I promised to be ready by then. Tata.

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eva said...

i can't believe i FORGOT about halloween.... i might have to just get dressed up on my own. wait, i do that all the time anyway.. hahaha. i like your costumes:)