Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love to travel.

I can't say that I've traveled much in my short life, but I've traveled enough to know that I want to do more of it. It's just so interesting to see different cultures and how they interact with ours, and just WATCHING people, and places. The 6 weeks I spent in the Philippines were some of the hardest, yet most fulfilling I've ever had.

you can learn so much about yourself when you step outside of your world.

Anyhow, I want to travel, I want to see everything that the world has to offer, and experience everything that's out there.

I've even got this plan to do a 'mall tour' of the world. I'd love to visit all the big malls that the world has to offer. The tour would take me to places like the Philippines (though I've already been to those malls), China, Edmonton, the US, Dubai and various other places. My mom and I even started a 'hiking' club in honor of this tour. It's the high heeled hiking club. We hike in shopping malls. High heels are not required.

The hubs and I have thought about getting something like a time share where we could visit places, and not have to worry about finding out that our accommodations were sub par. So when I saw this ad for a condo hotel in Panama... well, I couldn't help but dream. And dream is what I will continue to do until we have the time and money to do the travel we'd like....

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