Sunday, October 26, 2008

On hats

So, I've blogged about my purse love before, and since that point, I found another two purses, but got rid of one. End result is I have 26 purses left in my possession. Maybe one day I'll catalogue them.

I've never talked about my love of hats though. I have ball caps, berets, page boys, a faux fedora or two, and my favorite, my cloche. I just adore hats, hats, along with purses and socks are a great way to express yourself without ruining a corporate outfit.

Okay, so the socks kinda do ruin it, and more than one client gave my striped purple socks sticking out of my black dress pants a strange look, but damnit, they were mine!

And the point of this post, is to talk about the love I've developed for this hat. It's just so quirky, and unusual, and would totally look awesome on my head. I want it, and it, or one like it will be mine. There, I said it, I am going to buy this hat.

And that's my hatty post for today.


Persephone said...

The only hats i have are top hats and witch hats.

eva said...

:D:D:D aww this made me so happy, you have no idea! even if you don't buy the hat, just some aknowledgement of my knitting efforts by a blog post is amazingness me thinks. i also have a thing for socks. they have to be over the knee socks, or at least up to the knee, and stripey. i have them in ALL colours. it's starting to get to the point where its a bit obsessive.. :s