Monday, October 27, 2008


I dreamed a dream last night.

It was odd, and I'm rather upset today.

I don't know what it was, but I dreamed of a person, of people who are not a part of my world. Who have no part in my world anymore. And it was a dream about nothing really. Just a bunch of old friends, laughing and talking.

I don't know why, but I woke up this morning feeling rather low because of this.

Maybe it's the impending doom of the new job landing me back where I was before. I know I'm terrified that the hubs is going to call HER and pick up where they left off, much like he always does.

I know I'm speaking rather vaguely, and it's intentional, trust me. I'm just not quite ready to get all of the recent past off my chest yet. I'll tell the story as I intended to, slowly, and at it's own pace. I'm deciding what thread to pick up with when I get back to the life story stuff.

And on that note, has anyone tried Henna hair dye? I'm thinking of picking some up from Lush, but I'm not entirely sure. See, I'm entirely too broke to get my hair done until the end of the month or later, but I'm bored with my messy locks as they are, and I'm not too hip to use an over the counter chemical dye, as it kills my hair..... so... henna. Here's the thing, I would love to go red. Problem is, I have very dark, very coarse hair, so will henna work?

Any thoughts anyone?


eva said...

i have no experience with henna on dark hair, i do have years of experience with henna. the tricky part with henna, is that sometimes they put stuff in it that can react and damage your hair if you try to dye or bleach it later. i bought henna from body shop, and did in fact bleach my hair afterwards with no problems. just be careful. i still have some body shop henna left, i could send you it, but it would take ages to reach you as i won't be able to send it until after next weekend..

Shana-Marie said...

You know, that'd be cool. I wouldn't mind if it took forever to get here either, because, beggers can't be choosy!
Ooh... you could send it along with the fingerless gloves I just bought from your Etsy! Just let me know if you need any extra cash for shipping!