Friday, November 7, 2008

The Big 200

So, I've had this blog for about a year now (11/20/08 is the date of the first post) and I've managed to cram 200 posts in here. I've got a couple of readers, both who've said hi, and those who lurk in the shadows.

This blog has made me a little money, enough to fund my tarot card addiction, (even though I can't bring myself to do much more than shuffle a deck). Not enough to retire on, thus the delving back into the call center world.

I think, that in the year I've kept this blog I've grown and changed as a person. this may have happened, or it may not have. I'm not entirely sure.

This blog saw me through ups, downs and my child being hospitalized.

it's been an interesting ride, these 200 posts.

Here's to 200 more.

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