Monday, September 29, 2008

who wants to help me?

I've been putting off tarot reading lately. And by lately, I mean for the last few years.

I've got a couple new decks, and I need to really start working with them, so I'm going to start reading again.

so, who wants to help me practice? I once was fantastic, and could read people dead on accurate, but I once read something, it scared me, and I stopped, for something like, 8 years. But, in order to get back there, I need to read again, so who wants to help?

Send me an email, a message, whatever, and I'll do my best to read you. I don't promise I"ll be right, but this is a pathworking thing, and by the time I'm done, I hope I'll be able to read with accuracy again.

So, my email is tryphyna at gmail dot com, so email away! or comment, or carrier pigeon. whatever works best for ya'll.



Princess of the Universe said...

I would love love love a reading!

eva said...

i'm really into tarot cards too, but have never had my cards read. i'd totally love it if you want to do it!! i've sent you an email:D

Shana-Marie said...

Princess and Eva, is there anything specific you'd like me to read on? I"m hoping to get to work on these tonight.