Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The teenage years, part 2

On the home front, my mother and stepfather were engaged, yet my mother wasn't so hip to that idea it seemed. She decided to strike up a relationship with another man who happened to be a family friend.

I'm not sure how it came about, but the story broke, and I was furious with my mom. I loved my stepfather, and didn't understand why she needed someone else.

Kids are selfish.

So, right after it all hit the fan, the boyfriend and my mom went to a hotel at the falls. You'd think this would be a cool idea, but it was one of the single most disturbing weekends of my life. Seriously, I tell this story, and no one can look at me or my mom the same way again.

Here goes....

So she packs me into the car with the boyfriend, and we set out. We don't really do anything, but head straight to the hotel. The hotel room (singular, one room) has a Jacuzzi tub, and a king sized bed.

Perfect for a lovers get away, don't you think?

Oh wait, there's an 11 year old girl with you. So, no one gets naked or anything in the tub, and it's okay. It's rather awkward for me, but whatever, it's a weekend with my mom.

Here's the problem. There's only one bed, and they didn't get a cot. So, my mom had me in the bed with them. Creepy. it went me, my mom, him.

I was disturbed at this point, but what could I say, I was a kid, they were adults, and my voice didn't count for much. so I laid there, still as possible, pretending to sleep when I fully could not.

That was my mistake, because once they thought I was asleep, they started.

That's right boys and girls, my mother fucked her boyfriend in bed next to me. they didn't even stop when I rolled off the bed onto the floor making quite a loud noise.

I didn't really sleep that night, and as soon as daylight broke, I was dressed, and sitting outside waiting for them to wake up. I wanted to go home, NOW. I would have left on my own, but Niagara Falls isn't known as an area where pretty young girls should wander about unaccompanied.

This whole situation, just added to my fury toward my mother, and was a BIG part of the reason that later on, I started calling her an opportunistic whore.

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Princess of the Universe said...

I think the word "disturbing" is putting it mildly...