Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Teenage Years, Part 1

So at this point, I am what you'd classify a 'pre-teen'. I think I'll pick things up from sometime after I turned 10.

I already had self image issues, and had an undiagnosed sleeping disorder. I also didn't feel like I was loved, or thought anyone cared about me.

And then came my stepfather.

It was seriously like my entire world changed when he came into my life. I was becoming a teen, and moving away from my childlike woes. I needed guidance, guidance that my mom just couldn't give me. She just wasn't that kind of person then.

I clung to my step father, and called him dad. I loved him like crazy, and it suddenly didn't matter that no one understood me. With him, I thought that maybe boys weren't so bad. He gave me an example and a reference that men aren't cruel or evil.

I won't say that I suddenly became happy, because I wasn't. I still couldn't sleep, and I still cried at random intervals, but I was a little more balanced than I ever was.

There's more to say on this subject, but it seems that I need to go into the bank and yell at people, and then yell at my lawyer. So, I'll bid you good day

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