Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sewing, hair, pictures and parades

So, This has been an interesting week.

The hubs and I signed up for a new cell phone plan, and got new phones.
My mom sort of insisted that I buy a new sewing machine, because there was an amazing deal, that she couldn't let me pass up even though I was broke. I now owe her more money. You'd better believe that she's getting an amazing dinner out of this. Well, Dinner, and lunch, I'll take her out for sushi or something one day too. And the pic, well that was me yesterday. I went to a parade in town here, and a clown gave me a lovely balloon flower because he liked my hat. I wanted a picture of the hat, but this one turned out very nice, so I'm posting it.
Everywhere, because I'm a nerd like that.
Also, two more decks of tarot cards came in the mail this week. I now have my Sacred Circle, and my Book of Doors oracle. I'm full of glee.

AND, I got a tarot reading done. The reading basically told me that I'm creating all kinds of reasons to not write (I'm the suck) or follow up photography (because every one's a photographer) and just do it. I need to do something for me, and stop being an asshat and being afraid to.

And, my scale is finally staying below 170. This is pretty intense for me. lets keep up this good momentum.

Oh, and my stepfatherinlaw told me about a site that I should affiliate myself with, and maybe get a better chance of finding a job.

That's about it for now.


eva said...

i totally found myself in the reasons you made for yourself in order to not be creative.. like everyone has a camera and everyone can take a photo etc... for a very long time i didn't pick up my paint brushes, thinking there was no use to paint at all i didn't create a masterpiece. i've had to practice just doing stuff because it's fun, and not to think too hard on if it's good enough or not or if there's any purpose in doing it.

oh and yay for sewing machine, i love mine:)

Shana-Marie said...

I'm deciding on my first project. I think I've settled on a fishtail floor length skirt. *glee*