Thursday, September 25, 2008

On Writing

I love to write. I should say that I loved to write since I haven't sat down and written anything in over 3 months, and before that 5 years. However that point notwithstanding, I love to write. And when I say write, I mean creative writing. There is a huge difference between writing a story, a blog and an essay. I guess that's why I've looked into a essay writing service.

Don't get me wrong, I was very good at writing papers and essays. This was back in high school though, and that was something like 8 years ago. I'm pretty sure I've lost my touch, and would need a little help with a custom term paper if I needed to write one now.

This is one of the things that terrifies me about the thought of going back to school. I don't know how long it would take for me to pick up the basics of essay writing, and turn in research papers that would appear to be worth the time and effort to read.

Then I think to myself. Could I bring myself to pay money and buy myself term papers to avoid writing it myself? I honestly don't think I could. I mean, why pay for an education and then cheat to get it. Aren't you cheating yourself and your bank account that way? I can't wrap my head around buying an essay rather than writing it myself. I don't know, I'm sure some people could, and that's why sites like these are around.


testerytre said...

Glad I found this blog and wondering where you get your inspiration to write? I see you like reading as well but have you read the master and margarita?

If only I can find my way back through a trail, I would love to stop by again?

Shana-Marie said...

A lot of my inspiration comes from dreams (I have some pretty messed up dreams) and various things that interest me. I see stories in everything.

I haven't read Master and Margarita, but it's on the list of books that I must read.

I hope you find your way back! I love connecting with new people on the 'net.