Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just under 2 years ago we got my son a cat.

She was the runt of the litter, and adorable. She was something of an early Christmas present for him that year. He'd been bugging for a cat, and when someone had a cat to give away, we snatched her up. Problem was, it was more than a month before Christmas. I don't know about you, but I couldn't come up with an idea of how to keep a cat a secret for a month.

We came to love our Tigger (one of the few real names I will use in this blog), and she came to love us. She didn't grow a lot, and we tend to call her our perpetual kitten, because she's still so tiny.

She's got litter box issues, and she isn't fixed, so every so often she'll whine like a banshee to get out and see her boy cat outside. She torments the man when it's time for him to sleep so badly that we have to put her on a harness inside to keep her out of his room. See, she's already figured out that if she puts enough pressure on certain doors, they'll open.

She seems to be into bondage, because more than once, I've found her harness in bed with me, as she's picked it up and brought it with her when she came up stairs.

She got pregnant earlier this year, when she escaped the house and hid in the bushes for a few days. She resembled a small cat who had eaten a cantaloupe by the time she was ready to deliver. Unfortunately, she wasn't ready to become a mom at that time.

There's only one problem with this cat. She's supposed to be the little man's cat, but she's decided that I'm her human. She'll follow me about, and insist that I pet her and cuddle her. I can't get a moment's rest when she's around.

And the little man, well, he's a little upset that his cat seems to want to spend more time with me than him. I'm at a loss for how I can get the cat to leave me alone, and go back to her boy.

I figure maybe it'll happen once he's settled down a bit, and she's not so nervous of his actions.

And that concludes my fluff post on nothing.

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eva said...

the world needs more fluff;) i think cats are the best companions in times of stress and angst and rubbishness. they have a way of soothing the nerves.