Saturday, August 30, 2008

too much sun and too much awkward

So... the hubs' mother wanted to take the little man to the local water park for his birthday, but we haven't been able to connect until today. Since the cousins were down, we made a family trip of it.

So my brother, the hubs, cousin 1, cousin 2, the little man and I set out in the truck to go. We met the hubs' mom there.

Now, I need to provide a little bit of back story here. See, the brother is newly single, and there's a girl here he dated way back in the day. She's head over heels for him, and makes it WELL known what she wants. She texts him in the morning to say things like "good morning tiger, hugs and kisses" and last night she was texting to say "I want my tiger" and "I want your lips".

While he's not fanning the flames, he's certainly not dousing them. And this girl, well, she'd need a whole truck load of water to shut her down. Anyhow, she's married*.

Well, she's at the water park today too. The plan was to avoid her, because my brother's just not interested. Anyhow, we get there, and we set up our picnic table and as we're getting ready to go for our first round of slides, guess who comes to the table next to us...

Yea, the girl did.

Now, you know me, I'm terribly awkward in the best of situations, but put an awkward girl in an awkward situation and you almost blow a gasket with not knowing what to do. First, she lunges at my brother and hugs him. Then she turns on me and hugs me tight, burying her face in my neck. The hug went on all together too long and left me stunned with awkward overload.

My mother in law is wondering what the deal is, because she knows that I'm suddenly out of my depth here. And I quickly lay out the details of the demise of my brother and sister in law, and this girl.

Anyhow, after that, we did manage to avoid any further awkwardness for the rest of the day. WE had a lot of fun. I love hanging with the kids, and while I didn't work out like I normally try to, I did end up walking, swimming and climbing a lot. I think that makes up for it.

I'm also sun burnt. The problem with being a mom is remembering to get sunblock on all the kids, but always forgetting to get yourself before they run off.

After the kids were spent, we came back to my moms, had some dinner and discussed the awkward situation from earlier. And the girl kept texting.... this time to say "I Wanted 2 Kiss U So Badly"

to which my brother replies "What would **** think of that?"
she says "who cares, he's out for now" and then sends her home number.

some people just don't know when to quit.

That's it for now I think....

*I think, we've never actually gotten the whole skinny on that


eva said...

if she really is married then why would she think a guy would want her if he sees how she treats her husband with disrespect..

Persephone said...

Is she like a whore or something...?