Sunday, August 17, 2008

no name

So today, we got the families together to celebrate the boy's birthday. It was the hubs and I, the BIL (brother in law), the MIL (mother in law, unrelated to the BIL) the SFIL (step father in law), my mom and my step dad.
We had planned to go to a place called Dufferin Islands about 20 min away, where they have little islands nestled into trees and freshwater, and it's nice. However, when I pitched it to the SFIL, he said no, because parking might be an issue. Instead of rising to the fight, I presented another solution, which we all agreed to. We went to the local petting zoo.
Now, it's a petting zoo. There are animals, and animals eat. When they eat, they poop.
Unfortunately today, we were downwind of the animals, and as such, we were hit full on by the scent of manure.
Not a huge problem for most of us, I mean, it wasn't overwhelming.
Well, the SFIL complained the whole time about how it was gross, and how we were never going there again and blah blah blah.
Well I"m sorry Sir... YOU are the one who deemed my plan to be unacceptable, YOU didn't come up with another solution, so YOU need to deal with it.
On the upside though, I've decided that I'm not allowed to beat myself up about not having lost enough weight. Captain oblivious (aka, the SFIL) commented on my weight loss, so, I suppose it's obvious enough.

that's it for now though.

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Elise said...

Some people can just never be pleased. They always find the bad in any situation no matter what. The petting zoo should be a fun place! Who cares if you can smell a little bit of shit. They're animals, that's what they do... I hope you had a nice time otherwise. ^^