Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pic Spam

In the spirit of making things a little bit light around here, which I think is always a good thing after some heaviness... I'll give you some random pictures from this last week or so.

The first, is a scan of a picture I found in MacLeans Magazine this week. My mother pointed this out to me, and I was a little disturbed, and so was she... Do you see what we see?

You may have to Zoom in to see it...

Then we got the little man's hair cut... this is always a bit of a problem, seeing as how he doesn't like having long hair, but doesn't like short hair. Anyhow.. .before and after shots....

We even got him ice cream for his trouble, though, he still scowled for the camera... I promised him his hair would be longer by the time picture day comes.

By the way, it's that gorgeous little boy's birthday today. He's 7 now! I finally managed to make him a cake (that's as of yet unfinished at 6pm) that's chocolate, with butter cream icing and has marshmallow in the middle. I swear to you, I can feel a diabetic coma coming on now.

And finally, we had some crazy weather on Saturday. It was pretty intense... some of the clouds were trying to form into funnels, but never managed to. The first is the view from the front of the car as we drove home... the second, the view behind us.

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Elise said...

The Batman and Robin one is hilarious! XD
Your son is so cute! Happy birthday to him! And I always love weather pictures. The weather can be scary and beautiful at the same time.