Saturday, August 9, 2008

The early years, part 1

Not sure how many entries this will cover, but I'll try and keep them from being too long. I'll also try and keep myself from posting a million posts a day (sorry about that, but paid posts... well, they pay)

Anyhow, my early years.

I'll start with my family.

I have two older brothers I'll call them B1 and B2, B1 being the oldest, and B2 being the younger (but still older than me). I have a mother, who did the best with what she could. And I have a father, whom I haven't seen since I was 5 or so. But that story comes a little later. For now, I'll write about my birth.

I was born in a suburb of Toronto, part of what we now call the 'mega city'. My mother was in labour all day, but being that I was the third, she knew the drill and wasn't really concerned at all. She packed my brothers off to school, cleaned the apartment, made dinner, had the boys cleaned up and ready for bed. Then my father came home, and as he finished his dinner, she announced that he needed to take her to the hospital once she finished with the dishes.

Him, knowing the drill as well, got the boys packed up as she got ready, and drove her to the hospital. As she was checked in, my father turned to the nurse and told her to keep an eye on my mom. The nurse kind of rolled her eyes, and my father reiterated that she should keep an eye on my mom, because when she's ready to push, there isn't any force on heaven or earth that would stop the baby from coming out.

Then, he left to take my brothers to a friend to watch so he could come back to my mom.

Well, at some point between warning the nurse, and him coming back a couple things had happened.

Number 1 - they had gotten my mom into a bed in the labour room; It's important to note here that this room was air conditioned. I was born at the end of May, and as such, the hospital was cool.

Number 2 - She'd given birth to me

Number 3 - They'd removed me from my mother's care, and now my mother didn't know WHERE I was.

See, the nurses didn't listen to my father. They didn't keep an eye on her. So when she was ready to birth me, she did. And, just imagine coming out of a nice warm hot tub, and jumping into a snow bank. Well, that's sort of the equivalent of what happened to me. I went from nice warm womb to COLD outside world.

As such, I promptly turned blue, and they needed to make sure I was okay.

My mother's told me on separate occasions that it was both hours and days before she found me, because no one would tell her anything about me, or my condition.

Eventually, they found me, and brought me home.

But I think that first incident really set the tone for my life, as you'll soon find out.

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Elise said...

Very interesting! I'm glad they were able to find you... Damn hospitals. XD I'm the youngest of three children also. It definitely has its benefits. ^^