Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's interesting the little pieces of information that you gather as you wander the Internet. For example, I had no idea that August was the month in which has the highest birthrate throughout the US.
Makes sense though, when you consider the fact that November would then be the conception date, and as such, the weather is turning cold.
Anyhow, this brings me to the point I wanted to make here... The controversial subject of stem cells. With all the research that's being done these days, simple things like stem cells are amazing little tools in the fight against, well, everything.
I really wish that when the little man was born 7 years ago, I had known about places like Cryo-Cell, since they'd have been able to take a (umbilical) cord blood sample and save it for a time, gods forbid, we/he needed it.
I always thought that it was prohibitively expensive to get this kind of thing done, but with campaign to raise awareness to the process, and their current offers it's something I really think I'd make sure I put aside the extra cash to make sure we could do it if I ever had another child. To me, it just makes sense. And I'm finding that my family is now having cancer in its genetic make up, and that's just a scary idea... cancer is bad mojo... and if there was a way to help fight it should it ever happen... I"ll take any chance I've got.

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