Thursday, July 17, 2008

pure decadence....

I have to say, showering and using a chocolate body wash, is great. It's so very very nice, and sweet and relaxing. However, add to that, a mint chocolate scrub, and you have what I like to call pure decadence.
This scrub, it's by a company called upper Canada, and I swear to gods, it's just like rubbing yourself down with cookie dough. same kind of texture, and it smells SO good. The entire upper floor of my house smelled of chocolate by the time I was done.
Then, I rubbed myself down with a Vanilla body lotion by Victoria's secret.
I'm just in heaven. I smell like baked goods, and I love it.


Elise said...

You're right, that does sound pretty decadent... Yummy! *Wants to smell like baked goods, too*

Shana-Marie said...

The best part was today, when I was exercising, the smell of chocolate was coming from my pores. YUM!