Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great fish Cook Off...

I love cooking fish.

It's simple, tasty and can be quite healthy. It's definitely a food that I am being sure to include in my diet more often now that I am eating healthier. Rich in Omega 3's and chock full of protein, it's all great.

I tend to use the same principle for cooking fish, pretty well no matter what kind I'm using. Whether it's Cod, Tilapia, or whatever, I generally just place the fish in a tinfoil package, with some herbs, and a little olive oil, or if I'm feeling lazy, salad dressing. Then I seal it all up, and grill it on the bbq. I love using PC organics Italian Dressing for fish though, it's just fantastic.

I do however watch a lot of cooking shows. Food network is a channel that we almost always have on at any time of the day. And there are all kinds of other events and such that are interesting to watch. Like the Great American Seafood Cook off.

What's pretty cool about this one is it promotes the use of sustainable domestic fish. It's all local foods and fish, and you know exactly where it came from.

Anyhow, these shows and events tend to give me different ideas for how to cook different foods, and such.

Anyone have any other suggestions for cooking fish? I'd love to try something new.


Elise said...

I don't think I know anything that you couldn't find in any cookbook or on a cooking show... :(

Persephone said...

Do you put dillweed in your fish?