Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The delicate flower is strong like bull...

You know what I hate?

Gender stereotyping.

See, I'm a woman, I get that. I may not be as strong as a man, but COME ON, I'm not a delicate flower.

Today, doing the moving thing, (which by the way, I consumed 4 energy drinks to manage to keep going) and the guys were all "oh, let me do that" or "that's too heavy for you", meanwhile, I was doing most of the lifting for the better part of the day.

At one point, I smirked and said "I'm a little bit stronger than you're giving me credit for".

Well, when it was just me and this other fella there to lift the couch down the stairs, we had to work together. Well, let me tell you, he realized pretty quick that I'm no delicate flower.

Then, best yet, was that they went back to my Auntie's new house (I stayed back to pack up the kitchen, computer and living room stuff) and he and his dad tell my MOM that they were impressed with how strong I was.

Gah, they couldn't even play the damned compliment to me. My mom ended up telling me later, and I made fun of them for it.

I have to say though, while I may be strong like bull, I'm still anemic. Today, I have about 15 dark black bruises on my legs, and a few on my arms.

I hope I sleep tonight.

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Elise said...

That a girl! Show those guys what you're made of! ^^ We never get enough credit. >.< Hope your bruises heal quickly... ^^;