Friday, July 4, 2008


This should be the last post like this I think.

I mentioned my great grandfather in the last post, and I figure I'll tell you the story of my family.

See, my mom was adopted when she was little. All she remembers of her birth mother is that she had long black hair. She'd always toyed with the idea of finding them, just to find out who they were, and what they were like.

She never had any malice directed to her mother who'd given her up. She has a mom and a dad, who may not have birthed her, but are fantastic parents all the same.

Anyhow, she'd toyed with it, and knew their last name, but never did anything at all.

Fast forward a few years, and my stepdad's in the hospital. In the bed next to him is a fella named D M (M being my mother's birth family's last name) One day, my stepdad jokes about him being related to my mom, and I guess he related the joke to his daughters, cos well, they ended up asking my step dad about my mom. Things like if her middle name was J, and if her birthday was 09/09.

Well, the next day, they came to the hospital earlier than they normally did, (the daughters would come later, and my mom would come during the day) and they cornered my mom. I think the conversation went something like "Hi, my name is W, and this is M. We're your aunts".

From there, we met more uncles, cousins, my great grandmother, and eventually even my grandmother. She, doesn't accept us, and thinks that we're just out to screw up her life somehow. I figure it doesn't really matter what she thinks. I've already got wonderful grandparents, and don't need a bitter old woman as a part of my life.

Oh, the best part (besides having all this family I never knew before) was figuring out where the curly hair came from. See, my mom has pin straight hair, and so did my father, so why did I end up getting what I considered the short end of the stick, and get curls?

Well, lo and behold, my Great Grandfather's nickname used to be curly. It's all on him. my greatly hated curls are actually genetic.

and that concludes my week of prepackaged posts. Knowing me, there'll be a fresh post sometime tomorrow.

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