Saturday, June 28, 2008

rule of thirds

Folding laundry tonight I was really struck by something.

When I was younger, I used to try helping my mom fold laundry. She had this way of folding towels that I never could quite grasp. She'd fold it first in half length wise, and then she'd fold it in half again. Then, she'd turn it so she was folding the other way, and fold it in thirds.

Try as I might, I could not manage to fold it.

Then I moved out, and had my own home. One day, I was sitting down, folding my own towels, and who'd have figured that I suddenly could fold the towels in the way I learned was "proper"? I never quite understood it at all.

In other non laundry news... I'm gonna suck it up and go to camp. I figure while I may not like the idea of it, my step dad, and my son are REALLY looking forward to it, and I really can't let them down just because I'm having self image issues.

hubs is pissed that I'm staunchly refusing to bring my bathing suit. I made a deal with myself that if the balance board (from the wii) stopped calling me obese before today, I'd wear it, but alas, it's still being mean, and I don't' feel like I can waffle on this one.

hey, the clock just said 11:11.

I'm hoping I manage to get some sleep tonight. last night I laid in bed for over 2 hours trying, but unable.

I need to remember to bring my tarot cards, more practice is always a good thing.

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Elise said...

*Sucks at folding anything* Good luck on your trip! I hope it all works out okay and you have a good time. ^^