Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm taking a quick break from cleaning up the pigsty I sleep in to make a little observation. I have a lot of purses. I mean, a lot. I'm tossing out about 6, and that's not even making a dent in my collection. I love purses. I even have a purse from the late 19th century. *I just checked. After removing those 6, I still have 25 purses left.*

Anyhow.... purses are kind of like little time capsules for me. When I switch from one bag to another, some things end up getting left behind. Things that I don't deem 'important enough' to make the move. So far, I've found pay stubs. Dice (10 and 4 sided), old notebooks and journals, bobby pins, my lucky peso (guess it wasn't so lucky) and old ribbon charm I made ages ago, stones, a pocket star wars book. It's just amazing the little snapshot into my life that I've gotten from something as silly as old purses.

needless to say, going through, looking at, touching and putting away my old purses is making me a little nostalgic. Strange, no?


Elise said...

That's a lot of purses! I have like 5 and my husband thinks that it's way too much... Maybe I should go through mine and see what sort of neat junk I can find. ^^

Shana-Marie said...

Heh, my husband long since lost the battle of purses with me. It does help that about 1/3 of them I had before I met him; and I'm sort of picky, so I dont' buy them often, and I always buy them cheap!