Sunday, June 8, 2008

Punk Rock Princess

Everyone's a princess.

It's not a criticism, just a comment, but it seems that there is a large portion of female bloggers who use the title of "princess" when referring to themselves, or their blog etc. It's interesting.

Even myself, this blog is 'soap box princess'. I've got a back story to it. Has to do with my longtime online handle of 'Tryphyna' and her being a Breton Princess. The name came from a random book I purchased, and her story was very relevant to me at the time that I discovered her. Thus Tryphyna was born.

Normally I'd use Tryphyna as my blog user name, and I actually do have it saved as my 'other' blog, but I don't use it anymore. In trying to turn over a new leaf, I decided that the old blog, and as such, the old name wasn't quite as relevant to me anymore.

Then I thought, my blog tends to be my own personal soap box, so why not use that? Soapbox and soap box girl were taken, as were many of their variations, so I couldn't go with that. So I wound up going with the old standby of princess. Soapboxprincess was created. Even in the months after I created this blog, someone else created the blog

I'm not sure where this long meandering post is leading, or if it's even leading anywhere, but I'm just curious to know what the draw to being a 'princess' is. Is it just because the title makes us feel special? Is it a holdover from childhood when we were our Daddies 'princesses'? Or is it just plain random?

Who knows.

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Princess of the Universe said...

Mine came from stories I used to make up in University. I said that I was a princess cursed by the wicked Stats fairy- which was why I was failing...

I actually don't consider myself that princessy..