Friday, June 6, 2008

I should be sleeping.....

And I almost was, but then I started thinking about my hair.

Yes that's right, I started to think about my hair, and decided that I needed to get up and straighten it before I went to sleep because I wasn't sure I'd have time to do it in the morning.

Ridiculous, n'est pas?

But here I am, and now I'm going to watch Star Trek Voyager, because it comes on in a few minutes, and I'm rather hooked on the show. That's right, I'm confessing that I like the worst Star Trek that ever Star Trek'd. Well, maybe not the worst, I'm told Enterprise was pretty bad too.

I tend to call it Star Trek for girls, because, everything fits the model that TNG set out, but at the same time, sort of feminised it. You'd have to have watched the show to understand I think, but all in all it makes sense to me. Either way, I watch Voyager, and because I started watching Voyager, I ended up watching TNG and DS9. It was then that I realized that my geekishness had passed the point of no return.

Oh, tomorrow, since I'm going into St. Kitts with the hubs and the boy, I figure I'll bring my camera. Not sure what I'm going to take pictures of, but I should get around to using it since I didn't end up selling the darned thing.

ummm... I think that's about it for now.

so, I guess Spike changes their line up on Fridays, and as such, I am not watching Voyager. Maybe I'll try sleeping again.

**yet another edit**
My psychic nature must be kicking in. Even though I am tired, and ready to sleep, I was still clinging to wakefulness. I just found out why. My mom called, my step dad is going to the hospital and will hopefully be getting a kidney before long.
I am thanking my lucky stars for this, and thanking the person who is ending their life by saving my step dad, as well as many others.
maybe now I can sleep!

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