Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

So, in my past, there have been 3 main father figures for me.

The first, my birth father, I don't really know. He was unkind (to say the least) to my mother, and as such, he's no longer in my life. My mother tells me that she suspects that he's dead. All I know is that the government advised her years ago that something happened and they were no longer pursuing him for back child support payments.

The second is my uncle. He was around for a relatively short period, however, made quite an impact. I won't get into what happened with him at this point, maybe down the road.

The last, is my step dad.

When he came into our lives, I felt blessed. I loved that man, and I was daddy's little girl. We became close, and I even would call him Dad. Then things happened, and in short, he went crazy, and for a few years, things weren't good. I'd lost my father all over again, and it left me a little messed up.

Before this starts to sound like a total criticism of him, I'll get to the part where I got pregnant, and had my beautiful son. Suddenly my stepfather became the man I once knew. He apologized for his previous actions. He does his best to take care of me, and make sure I'm safe. I'm glad I have him.

Then there's my hubs, who isn't a father figure to me, but he's my son's daddy. I'm blessed to have him too.

anyhow, to end this meandering post, happy father's day to all the dad's out there.

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