Tuesday, June 3, 2008

for note, I feel like hell. I didn't get to sleep until sometime after 7, and then was woken up by men with chainsaws in the neighbourhood at 9 or so... I eventually got up at about 1120ish. I am bone cripplingly tired.

I need to exercise, get showered, dressed, and out the door in 3 hours to ensure I file my paperwork at the right time. I've procrastinated enough, and it needs to be done NOW.

I wish my computer and I were getting along better. I keep blue screening, and I don't know why. When I stress twoie out, she's okay, the RAM was failing, but I fixed the voltage for that, now I'm unsure what to do. maybe the power supply is the suck... who knows. it goes at random times, so I can't even draw a correlation to stress at all.

I dunno... If I don't figure it out soon, I have a feeling that I'll be having to replace things again.


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