Thursday, March 6, 2008

hospital dream

So, I spent a week in the hospital with my little boy, and here's what I dreamt on the first night there....

We were moved from our room on the second floor to a room in the basement. This was odd in and of itself, but it was weirder still when the basement was dark, somewhat damp, and had no signs in it to help direct where we had to go for certain areas (i.e. kitchen, playroom etc.) the Zman (my boy) asked me to get him some jello, but I couldn't find the kitchen, and the nurse who was supposed to be helping us out, was no where to be found.
So I went upstairs to the nurses living quarters. Here I found her room, but she wasn't in it. There was someone else un packing their stuff. So I went outside to teh courtyard to see if I could find her.
Well, I didn't find her, but I found all the teenage Xmen outside, playing and making out with each other. Somewhat confused at why the Xmen are even at the hospital, I keep looking for my missing nurse, and I think I see her dart into a dark alleyway. I do what every determined mom would do. I followed her.
It gets weirder here.
She runs down the alley and starts to get shot at, and suddenly a car darts out and she gets in. I think at this point, I become somewhat non-corporeal, as I end up in the car with her, then too. The driver of said car, was professor X. He starts driving like a skilled madman, trying to get us to safety.
There were these garbage trucks chasing us, that ended up blocking the road ahead, so professor X did a quick uturn, and starts to drive towards this huge field. he jumps the ditch, and drives straight.
We come up on some silver c3po's hidden in the grass, and we scream to professor x, who does a 90 degree turn and then starts to hightail it towards the road again. I guess the silver ones are bad ones that will shoot us. And when the shooting starts, we're almost out of the way, but there are gold c3po units hidden on the other side of the road, that shoot back (gold ones = good ones). Anyone who's following us will be caught in their crossfire.

and that was the dream.

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