Monday, February 25, 2008

been a bit...

I'm going to blog about a dream I had recently. It was odd, and I don't quite have all the details anymore, but here goes.

I'm running from the law. There are lots of people out to get me, and I don't know what I've done. All I know is that I'm running, and they're getting closer every day. Along the way, a number of people help me. There's a boy I don't remember, and then the hubs' dad leads me through his property to my mother, who then brings me to the school she works at. She's very important there in the dream. She's also very sick. She walks with a limp and wheezes with every breath, but she's still fighting to help me. She takes me to the top of this school, which has a dormitory that's more like a resort. At the top there's a great cupola, and a master suite that's reserved for VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. She locks me away in there, and I stay until a woman unlocks the deadlocked door. She's looking for her daughter's dolly and won't leave. Something about her makes me uncomfortable.
I then take off looking for my mother. I run down some stairs, and when I see the man who's been chasing me, I duck into a steam room. In there, I'm sure I"ll find my mother, and when the man comes into the room after me, I"m sure I'm caught even though I'm on the other side of a curtain, but the women in there raise hell for a man entering their room, and I manage to slip away.
And I'm running again.

That was it

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