Friday, January 4, 2008

is there anyone out there?

That's sort of a rhetorical question really. In this blog, I know that there aren't many people who read it, let alone people I know who read it so I'm not expecting a responce. This is not a blog where I seek validation.
My live Journal on the otherhand, I think I do. I write because I know people are reading it. I hope that those who are reading it are interested enough to comment or converse, or give me support when I need support. It seems however, that I don't get a lot of that. Maybe it's just because people are busy, maybe it's just because.... well I don't know.
I'm wondering if i should just drop that blog because in the end, if i'm seeking validation, and I don't get it, i feel sad.
i'm being a pansy i know.
I'm also avoiding the work I know that I need to do. I am a little pissed about it though. but I'm not going to rant about the assholey thing that was done yesterday, all I can do now is try and make it right.

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