Tuesday, December 4, 2007

what I miss most

You know what I miss most about my former job? I mean beyond the sense of purpose it gave me?

The people.

It sounds trite, I know. but it's the people who made the job so enjoyable, and what really have caused this void.

I miss J dragging me away from my desk if I was stressed out, and our morning trips to the store for energy drinks and breakfast sandwiches.
I miss E, and emailing her all day while she was working our day shift, and our long daily digests for when she was on the night shift.
I miss X and the quirky emails and phone conversations. he could always make me smile.
I miss B, and teasing him, and getting pictures of the baby.
I miss J and our special connection. He really is pretty much my twin...
I miss R falling asleep, and his bad puns and the font of useless WoW knowledge. there was always a new site, and a new thing he had to tell me.
I miss N and taking her to Beatties when she was tense. Really, I just miss N.
I miss G always having something to say and needing to have the last word. If there's one thing he taught me, it was to make sure I knew what I was saying before I said it.
I miss A popping in and going for lunch or out to the deck.
I miss Beatties and knowing the girls who worked there. There's an instant camaraderie over postits

and to go even further back, to when we removed a number of people from the team...
I miss N, and his puns, and cars and jokes. He was one of the few that really got me.
I miss C, and the offence she'd take to everything, but not really taking offence.
I miss S and her anal retentiveness. sometimes it was just funny to watch her start to wail on the mouse or the monitor. I know it was a pain to work around, but damn was it funny to watch her hit her screen while crying out "hello!!!!"
I miss P and the conspiracy theories. There was always something in the water, or food, or somewhere.

now that I'm not there (and in some cases neither are they) I'm kind of on my own. No one stops by to see me because I'm not there. No one emails me because I'm not on the network. I'm just, lonely. Everyone seems so far away. I had such a strong network of friends when I worked there, that now that I don't seem to have it or them, I'm just... lost.

In the end, I've been talking to other friends more, but it's all online, and still not quite the same. I gotta get back to school and get social already.

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